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Moonie Organic Humming Bear with Lamp, Cappuccino

Made from GOTS certified organic cotton.

The Moonie Humming organic bear in cappuccino  features 5 different sounds, 7 different light settings and the best thing ever, a built in 'cry' feature, meaning if crying sounds are detected the bear will automatically activate to sooth your baby back to sleep. Beautifully packed and makes for the perfect gift for a newborn

The sounds of MOONIE humming bear are non-computer generated, real recordings of natural pink noise.

The heartbeat sound is a real recording of the hum inside a mom's belly. It allows the child to calm down and feel safe, with already well-known sound. The sea waves you hear are of the Baltic Sea and the sound of the mountain stream are recordings of the stream in Tatra Mountains.

The MOONIE'S soothing sounds filters out the sounds from the surrounding and ensures children a calm and peaceful sleep.

MOONIE comes with an adjustable volume module so you can choose the appropriate volume level that suit your child’s needs.

MOONIE also has calming lullaby composed on a kalimba, especially curated for newborns

5 calming noises taken from nature:

  • buzzing of the waters
  • wind
  • depth of the ocean
  • sea
  • rain

Product Features:

  • Safe LED lamp placed in the bunny belly
  • 7 different light settings (white or colored)
  • Intelligent Crying Sensor
  • Charging via USB cable
  • Complies with safety standards
  • Made of certified materials
  • It can be used from the first day of your little one's arrival
  • Machine washable
  • Cry sensor runs for 3 hours from last use, this is based on average baby sleep patterns and to help conserve battery life
  • Size  28 x 16 x 10 cm
  • Suitable from birth

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