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Jamie Kay Ribbed Top - Peachy

91% organic cotton, 6% elastane, 3% polyester

Introducing our beautiful new ribbed fleck range. Please note these garments are a different fabric blend & feel to our organic essentials range.

We source only the finest quality cotton to ensure we are providing your child with nothing but the best.

Delicate wash in a laundry bag.


Length: 1yr 38cm, 2yr 40cm, 3yr 42cm, 4yr 43cm, 5yr 45.5cm, 6yr 47.5cm, 7yr 49.5cm, 8yr 51.5cm

Chest: 1yr 22.5cm, 2yr 23cm, 3yr 24.5cm, 4yr 25cm, 5yr 26cm, 6yr 27.5cm, 7yr 29cm, 8yr 30.5cm  

Sleeve Length: 1yr 32.5cm, 2yr 34.5cm, 3yr 36cm, 4yr 37.5cm, 5yr 40cm, 6yr 43cm, 7yr 45cm, 8yr 47cm  

Please note we have a measurement tolerance of +/- 1.5cm on all of our garments.


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