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Blake & Mason Australian Beeswax Birthday Candle

Pop one of these handpoured beeswax candles on your birthday cake for a beautiful finishing touch!

Handmade in Gippsland, Australia with locally sourced beeswax, these candles are designed to insert into the top of a cake and to be enjoyed in one burn  

Because beeswax melts at a higher temperature than other candle waxes, your beeswax candles will melt slowly and therefore burn longer.

Beeswax has ionising properties that neutralise dust, toxins, mould and allergens in the air.

Beeswax candles produce these negative ions when burned and this can help to eliminate pollutants in the air. This can also ease allergy and asthma symptoms and improve breathing for anyone near-by.

Beeswax candles have the brightest, purest light of any candles and are closest to natural sun light. The ambience of a beeswax candle is second to none.

Beeswax also has a delicate scent of natural sweet honey when melted.


Failure to follow instructions may cause fire, injury or smoke damage

-Keep the wick trimmed to 5mm

-Only burn candles in an upright position

-Only burn candles on stable fire resistant surfaces

-Keep burning candles away from flammable objects

-Keep candles away from any drafts

-Keep the wick free from any leftover matches

-Do not move candles while burning or if the wax is hot and liquefied

-Be mindful when burning candles around children and animals

-Never leave a candle unnattended

-Do not burn candles for more than 4-5 hours at a time

-Do not extinguish a candle before the melt pool has reached the edge

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